QEI engineers can meet the needs of your custom system design

The engineering capabilities of QEI Corporation are extremely broad in scope. Ranging from power supply design and manufacture, to the most complex software, QEI engineers can meet the needs of your custom system design. All engineering and design work is accomplished by our in-house engineers. QEI has designed equipment to meet the demanding needs of the broadcast industry for 45 years. The broadcast industry requires equipment that is extremely reliable, cost effective, and easy to maintain. QEI Broadcast Transmitters are designed to operate 24/7 for many (20+) years. QEI engineers approach all projects with these goals as paramounT.

QEI has expertise in many areas of electrical, mechanical, and software design, including:

  • RF Amplifier design
  • Solid state from milliwatts to tens of kilowatts
  • Tube designs from 1000 Watts to 200 kilowatts
  • Frequency ranges up to 350 MHz
  • Integrated solid state and tube designs
  • AC and DC power supply design
  • High voltage, high power
  • Single phase and three phase design
  • Analog circuit design
  • Control circuitry, fault detection, metering, etc.
  • Signal conditioning
  • Remote control interface
  • Application specific hardware design
  • System specific custom software design
  • Mechanical packaging
  • Custom CAD/CAM designs
  • Quick turn prototyping

With these capabilities, QEI Corporation can meet the needs of your custom system design. QEI is well equipped to fulfill any system requirement in a timely and cost effective manner. QEI’s manufacturing and fabricating abilities allow us to meet production goals without the costly use of outside contractors. QEI personnel accomplish all manufacturing in the QEI factory. Specializing in RF Amplifiers utilizing solid state, power grid tubes, and other electron beam devices, QEI is ready to discuss your specific needs.