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QEI Corporation was incorporated in 1971, initially designing and manufacturing a line of broadcast equipment, which included modulation monitors, MF exciters, stereo generators, SCA generators, and audio processing equipment. More than 1,500 Model 675 FM exciters have been sold under the QEI name. The 675 FM Exciter was the first of its kind, all solid state, 20 watt, phase locked loop, frequency synthesized, FM exciter for the commercial broadcast industry.

By 1982, QEI had developed a transmitter utilizing grounded grid triode designs for stable operation and long tube life in the final amplifier stage. QEI used conservatively design solid-state driver stages for maximum reliability, producing FM transmitters with power outputs from 150 watts to 30 kW.

QEI engineers developed the first integrated microprocessor based remote control system for its FMQ series of transmitters, thus eliminating the need for engineering intensive component integration.



In 1990, QEI was awarded the contract to design and manufacture a 90 MHz, 50 kW RF amplifier for the AGS at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Since this first project, QEI has also designed and built custom RF amplifier systems for use by many scientific laboratories, including the U.S. Department of Energy, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Duke University, and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Recent projects have included ITER-INDIA and IUAC, to name a few.



2004 marked QEI’s introduction of a unique line of RF amplifiers designed specifically for use in cyclotrons for the radio-pharmaceutical industry. This new design greatly enhanced safety, reliability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance while keeping cost under control. These amplifiers are currently in production for Siemens Medical Solutions and Advanced Biomarker Technology (ABT).



In 2014, QEI introduced a full line of RF generators and automatic matching networks for the semiconductor industry. These systems are available in frequencies from 2-100 MHz, and power levels from 100 Watts to 10 kW. The uses for these systems include PECVD, Sputtering, Dielectric and Conductor Etch, ICP, and more.


Our Facility

QEI corporation currently operations from its 14,000 square foot facility located in Williamstown, New Jersey. We design and manufacture all of the product lines in house. All QEI products are invented and developed by QEI engineers.